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In the making of more than 77 unique clocks, I have used at least 25 different species of exotic and domestic hardwoods. Every clock has been a gift. Many have gone to friends and family for special occasions – weddings, birthdays, graduations – or to just say thanks to those who have helped my recovery. Several have been donated to fund raisers for area churches, the Nationwide Children's Hospital, and the Lighthouse for the Blind. One clock was auctioned at a benefit for a wonderful young man who went through a very similar traumatic accident as mine. Another was auctioned to assist with funeral expenses for the sudden loss of a very close friend.

In October 2019, I auctioned a clock with the launch of this website and my documentary video. Then, in January of 2020,
I sold several clocks as part of the Cape Coral Music and Arts Festival. The sale of these clocks helps to defray my cost of the expensive woods and materials I use. In addition, money from these sales helps to purchase some much needed safety equipment for my shop so that I can continue my charitable work.

Thank you for your interest in my craft.


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